How to Use Phootime for Online RAW Files Backup

Phootime Online Backup

Photo amateurs and professional photographers have tons of files. To keep all your images safe and sound, we recommend to use free online backup services named Phootime which promises even to back up RAW files. Continue reading "How to Use Phootime for Online RAW Files Backup"

8 Tips How to Make a Photo Portfolio

8 Tips How to Make a Photo PortfolioYou can hardly find a photographer no matter how much experienced and well-known he is who doesn’t dream of the worldwide recognition. If you keep your photos shut in boxes or stocked on your PC nobody will be able to appreciate your artistry and talent. That is why it is indispensable to work out your own self-promotion strategy. One of the easiest self-promotional tactics is creating a portfolio. Continue reading "8 Tips How to Make a Photo Portfolio"

Clipart: Where to Get Free Images without Watermarks?

Microsoft Clipart: free pics stock

We have written tons of posts about image licenses, pictures collections, photo contests, and mentioned dozens of applications (online and desktop) that make wonder out of ordinary images. But if one doesn’t have any wish to take photos, edit pictures, read image licenses? Let me give you a piece of advice…

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ViewBug | Photo Contests for All Photographers

ViewBugDear Photographer,

We, editors of Photo Software & Design Blog, are sure that you are longing for soul mates. Let us introduce to you the Internet paradise for photographers – ViewBug, an online photo community with tons of fancy features. More details inside this post...

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How to Shoot Perfect Photos on Vacation

tips for great photographs

Soon many of us will open summer traveling season and take photographs that fill family albums. Nowadays there are so many cameras for any taste: simple phone cameras, more complicated consumer cameras, professional cameras with lenses, etc. It even seems strange to hear the question: how to shoot great photos? But if you surf any public photo sharing website, you will understand that high quality equipment is only a half of success, another half is photographer’s skills and imagination. Today we will observe 5 key tips that help you create perfect vacation pictures, so you can boast of them among your friends.

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How to Create a Gorgeous Calendar Online?

HP Creative Studio

I. Have. Been. Looking. For. A. Good. Online. Calendar. Maker. For… half a year!!! I already started thinking that there were no people on the Internet who would think out this simple idea of an online calendar creator for us. Thank God, I was mistaken.

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