Image License Types

creative commons license seal

As I said in my previous post it is important to pay greater attention to image license prior to picture’s download. You have to check thoroughly what you can and what you cannot do with the images. Sometimes you are not allowed to use the image for commercial purposes, to modify it, to display the image more than a certain number of times, etc. Anyway it is preferable to give a credit to the author.
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100 Samples to Create a Photo Mosaic


I have just downloaded the latest version of the program and was expecting to overview the common 20 or 30 page samples to place your pics in various configurations. And I was shocked when I had to grab my mobile and switch on the calculator to count the exact mosaic templates number.

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Clipart: Where to Get Free Images without Watermarks?

Microsoft Clipart: free pics stock

We have written tons of posts about image licenses, pictures collections, photo contests, and mentioned dozens of applications (online and desktop) that make wonder out of ordinary images. But if one doesn’t have any wish to take photos, edit pictures, read image licenses? Let me give you a piece of advice…

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Digital Photography: 7 Top Online Resources for Beginners

digital photography

There are plenty of Internet pages that every amateur photographer should bookmark. Among these pearls you can find blogs, online photography courses, digital photography schools, e-books and much more. Here we have collected the best resources that share valuable information on taking perfect photos. So look at our guide on how to shoot great photos and explore the new knowledge centers:

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