How to Edit Photos in Google+ Like in Picnik

How to create a profile image in Google+
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Social networks play a significant role in our life and most of us have profiles in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. As a rule we share photos and news with friends. It is very easy to edit pictures in Google+, do it in a similar way like you did in Picnik. Continue reading "How to Edit Photos in Google+ Like in Picnik"

How to Convert Photo to Cartoon

cartoon photo made with

Nowadays almost everyone is registered in social networks. We keep online status updated every day, share photos and comments, follow our friends’ news. To have a nice profile is a matter of prestige. You can use a photo of your own in a profile image, create an amusing avatar or turn your photo into a cartoon. With a pool of web applications available online, an image conversion to cartoon takes few clicks.

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Photo Montager, Powerful Loonapix Competitor

Photo Montager

There are many fun photo editors that let you add cute photo frames to your images: Loonapix, FotoFlexer, piZap and Befunky. Some online photo editors are focused on certain tasks like photo frames with cartoon characters or magazine cover images. But there is one more web app can beat them all – Photo Montager, a powerful photo app available on the web and for Android phones.

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Citrify Photo Editor Removes Blemishes, Red Eyes & Whitens Teeth

CitrifyCitrify is a new free online photo editor that helps you improve your look. The photo editing website contains a lot of tools to highlight the best of your appearance. If you plan to change your Facebook profile picture, first try Citrify.
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3 Top Collage Makers to Create Romantic Heart-Shaped Collages

Fotor Collage

St. Valentine’s Day is coming. And it is time to prepare a wonderful surprise for those whom we truly love or make an exceptional declaration of love. Multiple collage makers come to our rescue. A romantic collage with hearts will surely soften and touch your sweetheart. Continue reading "3 Top Collage Makers to Create Romantic Heart-Shaped Collages"

How to Make Fantastic Photos with Cartoon Characters

Fun Photo Box

I love watching cartoons. Cartoons are a fragile bridge between childhood and adulthood. Undoubtedly grown-ups enjoy cartoons as much as small children and teenagers. What can make your son or daughter more happy than a photo with one of so adorable cartoon characters Shrek, Garfield, Harry Porter, Rapunzel or Cars at the background? This kind of a present is precious for lifetime no matter how old you are.

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