PhotoFunia: Create Funny Face Collages


PhotoFunia Photo Effect
PhotoFunia Photo Effect

PhotoFunia is an online photo editing tool. It lets you make amusing photo face collages and apply cool photo effects and filters. Upload a photo, select a template and the app will create magic for you.

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Pixlr-o-Matic Makes Stylish Photo Effects


Pixlr-o-Matic free online photo editor creates awesome photo effects out of ordinary images. Upload your photo, choose an effect from the gallery, add a photo frame and save your stylish masterpiece.
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Christmas Photo Frames and New Year Photo Effects

Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And hope you have taken enough funny, touching and interesting pictures to start making something beautiful out of them. In this post, we have gathered all possible ideas of Christmas photo effects and frames that you could use to add more snow, snowflakes, fir trees and Christmas toys in your pictures!

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Top 10 Free Online Image Resizers

Resize Images Online

Now to make a big picture smaller or vice verse is not a problem. No need to install photo editing software to shrink photos quickly. There are many online image resizers that help crop, compress and cut images easily. Each application has pros and cons. Let’s examine best free online image resizers.
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Put "Before" and "After" Pictures Side by Side with Pixlr Express

Put "Before" and "After" Pictures Side by Side with Pixlr Express

“Before” and “After” pictures are often shown in commercials and news. It’s a beloved photo style by weight loss program advertisers. And even after natural disasters in Japan, the Internet was filled with “before and after tsunami images”. Of course, we aren’t body-builders or newsmakers, but sometimes it’s pleasant to show off your fitness results, photo shooting skills or cakes and make pictures side by side that speak for you.
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How to Take Screenshots without PrntScr Key

Print Scren Button on the Keyboard
Sometimes there’s a vital need to have a screenshot to show it to a tech support specialist, friends, or just to save it for your own. I suppose all of us want to make screenshots quickly and for free. But our requirements may be different: sometimes it’s necessary to have only a part of the screen, sometimes the full screen, sometimes only a program window. Let’s discuss the topic in detail.

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