Christmas Photo Frames and New Year Photo Effects

Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And hope you have taken enough funny, touching and interesting pictures to start making something beautiful out of them. In this post, we have gathered all possible ideas of Christmas photo effects and frames that you could use to add more snow, snowflakes, fir trees and Christmas toys in your pictures!

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How to Change Photo Background in PhotoScape

PhotoScape is a free powerful photo editor. As we reviewed earlier, it’s full of various photo editing techniques among which there is image background editing. To replace an old background in PhotoScape, you can select one of the following methods: crop photo background, paint background or clone background. Each option has pros and cons. Have a look at a PhotoScape tutorial to apply the method that suites you best.

Crop Background

Crop background is a good way to remove photo background in PhotoScape. However, if you use this mode, you will save only important photo element with no background at all. Here is a step by step guide on how to crop a background as in the image sample:

Crop Background

  1. Open PhotoScape Editor tab;
  2. Select a photo;
  3. Choose “Crop Freely” and mark “Chop Round Image” as in the image above;
  4. Use your mouse to create a circle and stretch it to select the key area;
  5. Click “Crop” to preview the image without old background;
  6. Save cropped area to get an image without background.

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Make Custom Photo Albums on iPad with App by Appsicum

Photo Album by AppsicumPhoto Album by Appsicum is an iPad app to make custom photo albums which is worth trying. As you know, iPad's camera roll and basic photo viewer are useful but feature-limited applications. If you have over 2 hundreds of images, it becomes impossible to manage them and digg through to the one you need. Besides, filtering pics and grouping according to certain parameters in bulk isn't quite simple without additional software. This way, probably, thought Appsicum team when developing such handy and intuitive app called Photo Album. Continue reading "Make Custom Photo Albums on iPad with App by Appsicum"

Smilebox: Splendid Scrapbooks & Slideshows for Family Photos

Smilebox app

Decades ago we collected printed photos in dedicated albums like “Our kids”, “Anniversary”, “The newly born”, “Wedding”, “Graduation”, etc. Now we store pictures online, on our computers, iPads and smartphones, so to say, to always have images at hand. But often they lack that special spirit of old family photo albums. Smilebox, a free online web service for scrapbooks and photo slideshows, was introduced to change this situation once and forever.
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Microsoft Word: A Better Image Editor than Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Word vs Microsoft Paint

I’m not very good at PhotoShop and I mostly use Paint to edit images. Yes, I know that it’s not the best choice, but at least Microsoft guys have introduced a lot of good tools in 2010 Office program versions. But just imagine my frustration and amazement when I discovered that Microsoft Word has even more image editing features than Paint!

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Sony Photo Editing Software Falls Behind Free Photo Editors

Sony Picture Motion Browser

Nowadays Internet is abundant with various photo editing programs and free online photo editors. Hardware suppliers also want to have their slice of a pie in the software market. Thus, they ship digital cameras with related programs. For example, Sony provides digital camera buyers with its own photo editing tool - Picture Motion Browser. Continue reading "Sony Photo Editing Software Falls Behind Free Photo Editors"