100 Samples to Create a Photo Mosaic


I have just downloaded the latest version of the program and was expecting to overview the common 20 or 30 page samples to place your pics in various configurations. And I was shocked when I had to grab my mobile and switch on the calculator to count the exact mosaic templates number.

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10 Best Photo Sharing Websites & Online Storages

Photo Sharing
Online photo storage is a useful addition to traditional photo collections on your computer. You can copy images from PC to a web cloud and have a spare backup copy at your disposal anytime. Here I’m talking about dedicated to photo sharing websites where you can upload your images and send a link to your relatives or friends who live far away from you. Let’s put aside privacy and security concerns, it’s a different topic for discussion. We will take for granted that you do need to share travel photos online with your best friends. So follow me and see top 10 photo storages:

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How to Take Screenshots without PrntScr Key

Print Scren Button on the Keyboard
Sometimes there’s a vital need to have a screenshot to show it to a tech support specialist, friends, or just to save it for your own. I suppose all of us want to make screenshots quickly and for free. But our requirements may be different: sometimes it’s necessary to have only a part of the screen, sometimes the full screen, sometimes only a program window. Let’s discuss the topic in detail.

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Do Mobile Devices Supersede Still Cameras? [INFOGRAPHIC]

mobile vs. static

It was a real shock for me to learn that in almost 190 years since the first photo, there have been taken 3.5 trillion (!) photos. And in a couple of years this number can double. But not all these pictures are taken with still cameras. To be honest, the digital photo boom that started in 1980's gave rise to an entirely new photographing habits. See the infographic! 
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ViewBug | Photo Contests for All Photographers

ViewBugDear Photographer,

We, editors of Photo Software & Design Blog, are sure that you are longing for soul mates. Let us introduce to you the Internet paradise for photographers – ViewBug, an online photo community with tons of fancy features. More details inside this post...

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