Make an Ad Banner Wisely

Create ad banners wisely

Have you ever thought why professional designers spend so much time creating a small ad banner? You can do it yourself too but I suggest that you consider the experience of the specialists to get a really brilliant and effective ad banner.

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How to Make Screenshots on iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone


Screenshots are still images of our computer desktop, a program interface, an online game or mobile device windows. Last time we showed you the ways how to take screenshots on Windows 7, now we’ll explain how to make screenshots on Apple iOS device without any additional apps. If you have an iPad (any model), iPod Touch, or iPhone, this guide is for you.
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Smilebox: Splendid Scrapbooks & Slideshows for Family Photos

Smilebox app

Decades ago we collected printed photos in dedicated albums like “Our kids”, “Anniversary”, “The newly born”, “Wedding”, “Graduation”, etc. Now we store pictures online, on our computers, iPads and smartphones, so to say, to always have images at hand. But often they lack that special spirit of old family photo albums. Smilebox, a free online web service for scrapbooks and photo slideshows, was introduced to change this situation once and forever.
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Microsoft Word: A Better Image Editor than Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Word vs Microsoft Paint

I’m not very good at PhotoShop and I mostly use Paint to edit images. Yes, I know that it’s not the best choice, but at least Microsoft guys have introduced a lot of good tools in 2010 Office program versions. But just imagine my frustration and amazement when I discovered that Microsoft Word has even more image editing features than Paint!

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Sony Photo Editing Software Falls Behind Free Photo Editors

Sony Picture Motion Browser

Nowadays Internet is abundant with various photo editing programs and free online photo editors. Hardware suppliers also want to have their slice of a pie in the software market. Thus, they ship digital cameras with related programs. For example, Sony provides digital camera buyers with its own photo editing tool - Picture Motion Browser. Continue reading "Sony Photo Editing Software Falls Behind Free Photo Editors"

Recuva! Don’t Lose Deleted Photos

RecuvaRecuva is unique free software that should be installed on every computer. Recuva restores deleted images quickly and easily. No tech knowledge needed to rescue erased images. Just select the file type you want to restore, e.g. photos, and click the “Scan” button. Recuva will explore your PC and bring up the list of images that recently has been deleted. Then, you’ll pick up the desired pictures and get your photos back.
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