7 Easiest Ways to Make an Online Photo Portfolio in 3 Minutes

In my previous post I spoke about a good photo portfolio. Every photographer knows that amazing photo portfolio is a key to profit. However, just a fine collection of your professional photos is not enough to succeed. You need to display your photos publicly. Ideally, you make an online photo portfolio. There are several options: you code a website yourself, order a website from a freelance programmer or choose a photo portfolio builder. The last option empowers you to customize your photo portfolio without solid coding skills. (more…)

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How to Take Screenshots without PrntScr Key

Print Scren Button on the Keyboard
Sometimes there’s a vital need to have a screenshot to show it to a tech support specialist, friends, or just to save it for your own. I suppose all of us want to make screenshots quickly and for free. But our requirements may be different: sometimes it’s necessary to have only a part of the screen, sometimes the full screen, sometimes only a program window. Let’s discuss the topic in detail.


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MS Paint’s Evolution: from Ugly Ducking to Magnificent Swan

Microsoft Paint is a well-known drawing program. Very often MS Paint is an object of amusing jokes, so its functionality is underestimated. In fact this is a perfect image editor. It performs a lot of routine common tasks and substitutes bulky and expensive photo software. The only thing is needed: you should know how to use the program. Unfortunately only the lucky and the persistent have found the key to MS Paint’s heart. Besides following the ugly rumors that Paint is good-for-nothing, practically nobody wants to give it a try. Let’s attempt to save MS Paint’s reputation.


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Is Picasa Still Available in 2022? Yes, on Windows 10 & Mac!

On Aplil 19, 2012 Google, the owner of Picnik, shut down Picnik, the online photo editing website, and shifted several features to other services such as Google+ and Picasa. But in May 2016, Google decided to close Picasa either. Why did Picasa get discontinued? Because of Google Photos origin! Google suggested all users to upgrade to Google Photos. However, the question remains: “Is Picasa still available or are all well-known photo editing tools lost forever?”

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Best Photo Software 2011

Best Photo Software of 2011

In 2011 we reviewed many wonderful photo editing applications. They help you edit images, make photo slideshows, create photo frames, design websites, view pictures and perform lots of other photo manipulation tasks. No matter what you prefer either online photo editors, photo freeware or sophisticated pro photo tools, Photo Software & Design Blog team has select the most useful photo software for you.

Here’s our Editors Picks list of “Best Photo Software 2011”:

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