How to Lighten a Dark Photo

How to lighten a dark photo

I bet you have dark photos in your family albums or online photo collections. Usually images taken with digital cameras in an automatic mode come out too dark or too bright. All photo editing programs can brighten images no matter whether it is a desktop application, a web app or professional boxed photo software.

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Microsoft Word: A Better Image Editor than Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Word vs Microsoft Paint

I’m not very good at PhotoShop and I mostly use Paint to edit images. Yes, I know that it’s not the best choice, but at least Microsoft guys have introduced a lot of good tools in 2010 Office program versions. But just imagine my frustration and amazement when I discovered that Microsoft Word has even more image editing features than Paint!

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Sony Photo Editing Software Falls Behind Free Photo Editors

Sony Picture Motion Browser

Nowadays Internet is abundant with various photo editing programs and free online photo editors. Hardware suppliers also want to have their slice of a pie in the software market. Thus, they ship digital cameras with related programs. For example, Sony provides digital camera buyers with its own photo editing tool - Picture Motion Browser. Continue reading "Sony Photo Editing Software Falls Behind Free Photo Editors"

Will Picasa Replace Picnik?

Picasa-PicnikAs you know, an extremely popular online photo editor, Picnik will be closed on Aplil 19, 2012. Unfortunately, Google, the owner of Picnik, has decided to shut down the online photo editing website and shift several features to other services such as Google+ and Picasa. In these circumstances, Picnik fans examine the new Picnik substitute suggested by Google – Picasa. However, the question remains: “Can Picasa replace Picnik or are all well-known photo editing tools lost forever?”
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Best Photo Software 2011

Best Photo Software of 2011

In 2011 we reviewed many wonderful photo editing applications. They help you edit images, make photo slideshows, create photo frames, design websites, view pictures and perform lots of other photo manipulation tasks. No matter what you prefer either online photo editors, photo freeware or sophisticated pro photo tools, Photo Software & Design Blog team has select the most useful photo software for you.

Here’s our Editors Picks list of “Best Photo Software 2011”:
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You are the Star! Enjoy Your Photo on a Magazine Cover

Watch Your Face on the Magazine Cover

At least don’t lie to yourself. Sure, you dreamt about seeing your face on Forbes or Vanity Fair covers! Your dream can become true. Fortunately, nowadays there are lots of online services that offer dozens of magazine covers that will boast your face, or you’ll boast this cover.

The principles are the same for all online photo editors. You choose a photo, adjust the image, select the cover you like and click the Create button. Ready, set, go!
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