Top 5 Photo Stock Sites

photography stock sites

Each of us knows how it's hard to find right images for your website or design needs. Probably you have spent more time on fruitless Google searches than on your photo project accomplishment. To make your life easier, we recommend you to have a list of exclusive photo stock sites at hand. Our Top 5 Photo Stock Sites overview will save your precious time and efforts.
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Image License Types

creative commons license seal

As I said in my previous post it is important to pay greater attention to image license prior to picture’s download. You have to check thoroughly what you can and what you cannot do with the images. Sometimes you are not allowed to use the image for commercial purposes, to modify it, to display the image more than a certain number of times, etc. Anyway it is preferable to give a credit to the author.
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Where to Get Images to Illustrate Your Blog?

Blog Images

Pictures speak louder than words. A smart photo conveying the main idea of an article owes 50% to a blogger’s success and his popularity among readers. It catches people’s eye and hooks them into reading the post. It also helps to find the content when somebody is searching for a certain theme on the web.

There are different sources to find creatives for a blog. The most popular ones are Google Image Search, free stock libraries, microstock and macrostock agencies. The existing image pool is impressive. Professional and amateur photographers all over the world add hundreds of photos every day. So a number of image libraries available grows at a mushroom speed. At the same time this visible vast choice is quite illusory. You can fish for a desired picture for hours before you find what you have been looking for. Images are scattered across a range of stock libraries and prices.
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Do Mobile Devices Supersede Still Cameras? [INFOGRAPHIC]

mobile vs. static

It was a real shock for me to learn that in almost 190 years since the first photo, there have been taken 3.5 trillion (!) photos. And in a couple of years this number can double. But not all these pictures are taken with still cameras. To be honest, the digital photo boom that started in 1980's gave rise to an entirely new photographing habits. See the infographic! 
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8 Tips How to Make a Photo Portfolio

8 Tips How to Make a Photo PortfolioYou can hardly find a photographer no matter how much experienced and well-known he is who doesn’t dream of the worldwide recognition. If you keep your photos shut in boxes or stocked on your PC nobody will be able to appreciate your artistry and talent. That is why it is indispensable to work out your own self-promotion strategy. One of the easiest self-promotional tactics is creating a portfolio. Continue reading "8 Tips How to Make a Photo Portfolio"

Clipart: Where to Get Free Images without Watermarks?

Microsoft Clipart: free pics stock

We have written tons of posts about image licenses, pictures collections, photo contests, and mentioned dozens of applications (online and desktop) that make wonder out of ordinary images. But if one doesn’t have any wish to take photos, edit pictures, read image licenses? Let me give you a piece of advice…

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