7 Affordable Tools to Enhance a Small Business Website Look

small business website

If you believe that a typical local business website is a two-page site with contact details, weird navigation and absence of design taste, you were partly right until this moment. For the past year, we reviewed many free apps to fine-tune website design and gave recommendations on website usability and style. Today, we will summarize our suggestions and give every website owner 7 ideas that may turn an ordinary website into a reliable web store or a real online brand page. Who said, that a good web design costs too much? Let’s ruin this myth!
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ViewBug | Photo Contests for All Photographers

ViewBugDear Photographer,

We, editors of Photo Software & Design Blog, are sure that you are longing for soul mates. Let us introduce to you the Internet paradise for photographers – ViewBug, an online photo community with tons of fancy features. More details inside this post...

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Digital Photography: 7 Top Online Resources for Beginners

digital photography

There are plenty of Internet pages that every amateur photographer should bookmark. Among these pearls you can find blogs, online photography courses, digital photography schools, e-books and much more. Here we have collected the best resources that share valuable information on taking perfect photos. So look at our guide on how to shoot great photos and explore the new knowledge centers:

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