Wallpapers for Your Desktop

Broken Screen Wallpaper

Some people don’t pay much attention to what serves as a desktop background on their computers. Others change wallpapers every day or even several times a day depending on the mood. The third group prefers changing wallpapers when some events occur…

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Free Logo Makers: How to Get a Logo Online

Various Well-Known Logos


I have been wondering for a long time, how people manage to create logos for their blogs, sites, companies, events… If Photo Software & Design Blog didn’t have a logo, what would I offer if I had such a task but didn’t know how to manage various image editors? With this idea on my mind, I started looking for an online logo maker app…

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Top 5 Photo Stock Sites

photography stock sites

Each of us knows how it's hard to find right images for your website or design needs. Probably you have spent more time on fruitless Google searches than on your photo project accomplishment. To make your life easier, we recommend you to have a list of exclusive photo stock sites at hand. Our Top 5 Photo Stock Sites overview will save your precious time and efforts.
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Image License Types

creative commons license seal

As I said in my previous post it is important to pay greater attention to image license prior to picture’s download. You have to check thoroughly what you can and what you cannot do with the images. Sometimes you are not allowed to use the image for commercial purposes, to modify it, to display the image more than a certain number of times, etc. Anyway it is preferable to give a credit to the author.
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Digital Photography: 7 Top Online Resources for Beginners

digital photography

There are plenty of Internet pages that every amateur photographer should bookmark. Among these pearls you can find blogs, online photography courses, digital photography schools, e-books and much more. Here we have collected the best resources that share valuable information on taking perfect photos. So look at our guide on how to shoot great photos and explore the new knowledge centers:

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Free PowerPoint Templates: 4 Reasons to Tune Up Your Presentations Design

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

I use PowerPoint to type in some text in primitive presentations. The design of default PowerPoint templates is ... well... regular, so to say. It’s beyond my understanding how other people manage to put images, charts, tables and animation in their presentations. You can spend hours studying PowerPoint or you can just download free templates. It's easy as everything is already done by other people.

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