7 Affordable Tools to Enhance a Small Business Website Look

small business website

If you believe that a typical local business website is a two-page site with contact details, weird navigation and absence of design taste, you were partly right until this moment. For the past year, we reviewed many free apps to fine-tune website design and gave recommendations on website usability and style. Today, we will summarize our suggestions and give every website owner 7 ideas that may turn an ordinary website into a reliable web store or a real online brand page. Who said, that a good web design costs too much? Let’s ruin this myth!
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How to Make a Best-Selling Registration Page

Registration Page

Money making is the main purpose for any business. To boost earnings, you should attract as more potential customers as possible. Let’s learn to make a winning registration page or a purchase page with a high conversion rate. The page has several names: registration, purchase page, pricing plans. But the meaning is one – to offer few price options and a correct call-to action. It’s the final page that persuades visitors to pay you now.
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