Haiku Deck is the Best Free Presentation Maker for iPad

Haiku Deck is one of the best free presentation makers for iPad. It can't completely replace Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote for Mac,  but Haiku Deck iOS app definetely deserves to be reviewed. Look at the Haiku Deck presentation sample below that I've made in less than 1 minute!

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Photosnack – Fine Online Photo Slideshow Maker


Photosnack is a simple yet elegant online photo slideshow maker. It combines photo slides with music quickly. Just upload your photos, choose slideshow effects, select music track from Photosnack list and click “Publish”.
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Smilebox: Splendid Scrapbooks & Slideshows for Family Photos

Smilebox app

Decades ago we collected printed photos in dedicated albums like “Our kids”, “Anniversary”, “The newly born”, “Wedding”, “Graduation”, etc. Now we store pictures online, on our computers, iPads and smartphones, so to say, to always have images at hand. But often they lack that special spirit of old family photo albums. Smilebox, a free online web service for scrapbooks and photo slideshows, was introduced to change this situation once and forever.
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Prezi: #1 Way to Get a Stunning Presentation Online

Make presentations online

Prezi is the online service to bake awesome presentations that you can share with your friends. First, I planned to make a kind of a step-by step user guide to show you how to Prezi works but then I understood that it would be incredibly long that’s why you have to try it yourself!
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7 Affordable Tools to Enhance a Small Business Website Look

small business website

If you believe that a typical local business website is a two-page site with contact details, weird navigation and absence of design taste, you were partly right until this moment. For the past year, we reviewed many free apps to fine-tune website design and gave recommendations on website usability and style. Today, we will summarize our suggestions and give every website owner 7 ideas that may turn an ordinary website into a reliable web store or a real online brand page. Who said, that a good web design costs too much? Let’s ruin this myth!
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Digital St. Valentine’s Ideas to Any Taste

St Valentine Backgrounds

St. Valentine’s day is coming! Someone has already prepared presents, somebody is still looking for the ideas. In this post, I decided to collect some free software ideas that you could use in your preparations to the holiday.
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