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The 4th of July is surely one of the most important events in the United States. For most people it’s also the reason to cross the country to visit their friends and relatives or just get out of the stuffy cities. It actually doesn’t matter where you are going to celebrate, your camera will be with you and we found a brilliant decision to make your pictures talk with your friends!

Everybody knows the situation when you take a picture and then you have to tell your friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances, boss… etc. when, where and how you shot the photo. Very tiresome. Thinglink  is an online service that helps you make your pictures more interactive.

What you have to do is to select one of your pics that you will take during the upcoming holidays and tag most significant things in the picture with your comments that will appear when somebody hovers the mouse over the object. You save your time and efforts on explanations.

Tag objects in the pictures

The basic features of the Thinglink are free of charge. Upload the photo, mark the object in the picture and write your comments in the box. You can also add a link to the object.

Add tags and links to your pics

Save the picture and enjoy the fun. Thinglink also allows you to work on the pic together with your friends. To do this, you’ll have to check the appropriate box.

One more pleasant feature that Thinglink offers is sharing the interactive photos on Facebook and other social networks. Or you can copy the link and embed it on your site which can also be useful for small business owners.

Share talking pictures on Facebook

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  1. rash

    How do I work on a pic together with friends ?
    Did not find the way to do it

  2. anna

    Hi Rash,

    If you friend, checks the box enabling image tags for public editing, then you can also add tags using Thinglink.

    However, if the image tags editing is locked, you won’t be able to change tags.

    Thank you,

    Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

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