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Now to make a big picture smaller or vice verse is not a problem. You don’t have to install photo editing software for Windows to shrink photos quickly in megapixels, pixels, kb (kilobytes) or cm/inches. There are many online image resizers that help crop, compress and cut HD images easily so you can send them by email, upload to Facebook, post as an avatar in a messenger.

How to Resize Large HD Photo into Smaller for Free Without Losing Quality?

It’s easy! Use one of the image resizers from the list below. And we will show you in this video how they all work:

So follow 4 quick steps to make large photo smaller:

  1. Visit an online photo resizer website (from your computer or iPhone/Android phone);
  2. Upload original HD image and select the desired output image size;
  3. Wait a bit so the app shrinks your picture size;
  4. Download a smaller image suitable for email

Each photo size shrinker application has pros and cons.

Let’s examine best free online image resizers

1. pic resize


Pic resize is a free application to resize photos. It lets compress images by specifying desired image dimensions or using presets. Plus, pic resize allows you to add photo effects and save images as JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP. I think it’s the best free online image resizer for email because it has tons of custom photo resizing settings such as option to minimize size by KB, pixels, percentage, and preserve high output photo quality. With this tools, you can send picture via Gmail or Outlook and be sure that the receiver will get it.

Pros: Photo effects, batch picture resize mode.
Cons: None.

2. photosize


Photosize is a free and really easy tool for image compression. Just choose an image, set a size and resize your photo.

Pros: As easy as an online resizer can be.
Cons: Nothing so far.



IMG2GO shrinks and crops images from your PC, Dropbox, Google Drive or website. After resizing, you can save photo onto computer, convert to another image file format, rotate or even edit. IMG2GO offers a huge list of photo saving formats including: JPEG, PNG, BMP, EPS, GIF, HDR/EXR, ICO, SVG, TGA, TIFF, WBMP, and WebP.

Pros: Fast, easy app with many image sharing methods.
Cons: ads

4. Resize 2 Mail (Temporary Closed)

Resize 2 Mail

Resize 2 Mail is a simple online image resizer that compresses your photos. Here you can choose image proportions: landscape or portrait, select a size from ready-made templates and rotate your image if needed.

Pros: Picture size templates save your time on image editing. Resize 2 Mail step by step structure is easy to understand.
Cons: The tool works only with GIF and JPEG image formats. Resize 2 Mail is not suitable for PNG files.

5. Resize Your Image

Resize Your Image

Resize Your Image helps crop images quickly. It does not compress images. However, the tool is simple and good for cropping.

Pros: Simple and fast.
Cons: Does not allow compressing pictures.

6. ResizeImage.Net

ResizeImage.Net implies that you pick up image type – landscape, portrait, add photo, dimensions and resize it. This is the application from the video tutorial above. There are many advanced settings you can tweak like image cropping or rotation. Thanks to it, you can do more than just a pixel size shrinking.

Pros: A good user-friendly application.
Cons: Too long step by step resize option choice.

7. Resizr


Resizr resizes different photo file types. Besides, it enables you to rotate, crop, change image brightness and reduce noise.

Pros: Lots of advanced features like image editing, photo effects, image quality correction options.
Cons: To save images fast, you have to pay a fee.

8. OptimiZilla


OptimiZilla is a online photo compressor. It resizes pictures by compressing them. The app is easy as can be. You upload original HD photo and OptimiZilla compresses it. You don’t have to change any settings. The app will do all the work automatically. You just need to download the resulting file.

Pros: Free and easy tool to compress images online.
Cons: The small file is provided in .zip archive which you need to open.

9. Shrink Pictures

Shrink Pictures

Shrink Pictures is a good way to resize images fast. Select size, apply effects and resize your photo.

Pros: Simple to use
Cons: Saves images as JPG only.

10. Web Resizer

Web Resizer

Web Resizer is a free tool to shrink photos online. There are additional image editing features such as contrast, color and photo frame adjustments. The application has a complicated interface. First you need to select an original image from your PC and then press the “Upload” button and then you can change photo size settings.

Pros: Free web app with cool photo editing techniques.
Cons: “Download” button is under the image preview. To save a picture onto PC, you need to click on it after you press “Apply changes”.

Here are the best online picture resizers that we’ve selected. So which app do you like the most? Or would you add another online image rescaler to this list?

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