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With that many photo editing apps for Android popping up left right and centre in Google Play, it can be mind boggling to know where to even start. We’ve picked out the eight best photo apps for your Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Nokia, Motorola device and told you why we listed them. Here you’ll see best Android photo editors (both free and paid), photo collage makers, selfie camera filters and smartphone-friendly photo albums. If you have an Android phone or tablet – you must try these apps! You won’t get lost, here you’ll find photo editing tutorials for Android for each photo app! Let’s get started!

1. Instagram

With over 100 million users now on Instagram, it’s undoubtedly one of, if not the best Android app for photo editing.

Instagram App for Android

With the ability to add numerous filter effects to your images to give them different feels, and add atmospheric blurs, you can turn your dull Android phone photos into vintage-esque beauties! Not to mention the social side of the app, you can connect with friends, view their photos and follow them too! Hashtag supported so you can browse through pictures of interest with ease.

Instagram App for Android interface 2021

Watch the video tutorial showing you how Instagram works on Samsung S10 (Android OS):

2. Snapseed

A renowned name in the photography sector, Snapseed offer a great little app.

Snapseed App for Android

Offering in-built Google Photo capabilities, it’s a sure choice for photo lovers. Snapseed allows the user to “enhance, transform and share”. With selective adjustments or autocorrect functions, choosing where and how you want to edit your images couldn’t be simpler. Like Instagram, Snapseed offers a choice of filters on Android smartphones.

Snapseed Photo Editor App for Android interface

Watch Snapseed beginner tutorial for Android users to get most of your Snapseed Android app:

3. BeFunky Photo Editor

BeFunky Photo Editor  is another app for Android OS that packs features similar to both Instagram and Snapseed, at the same quality.

BeFunky Photo Editor for Android OS

It doesn’t, however, offer filters as with the other two. With BeFunky Photo Editor Android app though, you can add text, and even draw over your own images. This is a great app for just having fun – there’s even a teeth whitening option!

BeFunky for Android best app features

Watch BeFunky Android app tutorial to master your photo editing tool:

4. PicsArt Photo Editor and Collage Maker

PicsArt Photo Editor and Collage Maker  – photo to anime converter is as simple as its name.

PicsArt Photo Editor for Android

It turns everything you would see normally through your Android phone’s camera into cartoon! This is a really fun little app that is worthy of a download to get some truly awesome images.

PicsArt Photo Editor and Collage Maker app for Android OS

Watch complete PicsArt app photo editing tutorial showing all tips and tricks that you can apply to your images on your Android phone:

5. Pixlr Free Photo Editor

Have you ever seen professional photo companies that blend in multiple images to make really impressive collages of images? Ever wanted some of those for yourself? Now you can download such app on your Android mobile!

Pixlr app allows you to choose from your own pictures and blend them together, choosing which parts you want to use from each image. It takes a little time to get the end result compared to some of the other apps, but the end results look truly stunning.

Pixlr app for Android photo collages

Watch Pixlr tips and tricks for your Android picture editing:

6. Paintle

Paintle is a simpler application, but still a really nifty gadget to have on your Android phone.

With features that allow you to add crazy lettering, fun backgrounds and the chance to choose from a library of stickers, you could have just as much fun using this app on its own without the addition of your own images.

Paintle Android app art work

Watch Paintle pic editing tutorial for Android smarphones:

7. Sweet Snap Camera–Live Face Camera & Photo Filters

Focusing primarily on image tweaking rather than overhaul, you can use some really useful and advanced editing tools of this piece of mobile photo camera filters software named Sweet Snap Camera–Live Face Camera & Photo Filters.

Sweet Snap Face Camera App for Android

With brightness, stickers, selfie filters and face retouching to name a few, this is a great Android app for people with a real serious interest in selfie photography.

Sweet Snap Camera–Live Face Camera & Photo Filters Android App interface

Watch video tutorial and learn how to set up selfie timer on Android smartphone for your Sweet Snap Camera:

8. Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Android App

A funny one thrown into the mix, and it’s likely you’ll use this for all the time but Fotor Photo Editor App for Android is by far the best seasonal app. As you can see from the screenshots, there is a ton of seasonal fun to be had. Nowadays, Android cameras and apps are getting better and better, so you can take awesome pictures with a bit of photo editing on your cell phone. Do you want to take a great selfie on a business trip or a vacation? Fotor photo editor app for Android is happy to help you. With simle and feature-rich interface, even a newbie can alter travel pics or family BBQ parties photos in a few seconds. Give a try to Fotor app and download it from Google Play Store on your Android phone before a vacation.

Fotor Photo Editor App for Android

Watch demo-video showing you how Fotor app works on Android mobile phone:

Which photo editor do you use on your Android phone or tablet? Would you add any other photo editor apps to this list? Tell us in comments below!

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