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If you think that a PC monitor or a laptop web camera is good for online video chats, Zoom and Skype calls, it’s time to ruin this myth. Your front or rear webcam can used as an alternative to a digital camera and it might take HD personal selfies, group selfies, family collages with the help of a free online app called WebCam Toy.

What is WebCam Toy App?

WebCam Toy is a free online application that automatically connects to your computer monitor web camera and turns it into a digital camera. I have to admit, it’s a very convenient to use the application to take pictures for selfies, social networks profile avatars, Zoom, Discord or Skype avatars if you have no smartphone at the moment or just have fun like in a photo booth. The web browser application stands out among other apps which work with web cameras. As its creator, Paul Neave, says: “I love to dissolve technological barriers and make the digital world more friendly, fun and human”. And the app obeys his words.

How to Take Selfie with Webcam Easily?

How to use the app to take selfie on PC

Follow quick steps to make a free selfie using your laptop camera:

  1. Turn on your PC or laptop;
  2. Visit the app website (the link in the description above);
  3. Click the big button in the center;
  4. Permit the app to take snapshots;
  5. Click the camera sign and wait for 3 seconds to get ready images;
  6. Select how to save your pictures;
  7. That’s it! Enjoy your selfies or enhance them

Here’s a short WebCam Toy video tutorial. Watch it on YouTube:

How to Take a Picture Using WebCam Toy and Your Web Camera?

Free app offers several output options for ready pictures. For example, you can download your pics to PC for free, or upload them to Twitter, Google Photos or Tumblr right from the app website. If you plan to take a selfie without any filters or effects, select normal mode to save picture as is. Later on, you can export your pictures to Zoom or Skype, post to Facebook, Twitter, or save on Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. As for picture resolution, I have to mention that all computer and laptop cameras have different output image quality. So if you have an advanced web camera, you can take an HD pic and publish it to Facebook or download the image onto your PC. On the other hand, if your hardware quality is low, than your selfie would be not good, for example blurry, dark or distorted. Alternatively, if you have a better HD camera on your mobile than on computer, you can download and install one of self-timer camera apps on your Android and take a selfie there.

How to Apply Funny Photo Filters to Your WebCam Toy Selfies?

If you own a standard PC camera and your images aren’t of HD quality, I suggest playing with various pics effects in order to make your pics better-looking and avoid additional image editing. Free application offers several dozens image filters and image effects for your selfies taken with the app. It’s a fast and powerful picture editor. Some effects and filters remind Snapchat and Instagram effects, so you can select something that you’re used to on your iPhone or Android.How to apply free efffects and filters

Here’s how to add a funny filters to your selfie in the inbuilt editor:

  1. Launch the inbuilt editor;
  2. Make a selfie in this app;
  3. Select an effect;
  4. Click the camera sign to add the filter to your selfie;
  5. Download your improved picture to your desktop or post it online.

WebCamToy Pros & Cons

The WebCam Toy App is a good tool for those who want to easily add fun effects to their photos. It is easy to use, with intuitive controls and a few options that make it easy to get the desired effect.


1. Easy to use: The WebCam Toy App is designed to be easy to use, even for those who are not tech-savvy. It has a simple user interface, with intuitive controls and a few options that make it simple to get the desired effect.

2. Fun Effects: The App offers a range of fun effects that allow users to have fun with their photos. From adding funny text or captions, to turning photos into cartoons, the App allows users to create fun and creative images.

3. Variety of Sharing Options: The tool allows users to easily share their photos with friends and family. Sharing options include email, text message, and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


1. Limited Editing Options: It only offers a limited set of editing options, making it difficult to make more complex edits.

2. No Video Support: No support for video recording, which may be an issue for those who want to make videos with the App.

3. Limited Storage: There’s no any sort of cloud storage, meaning users will need to store their photos and videos on their device or computer.

What are WebCamToy App Alternatives?

WebCam Toy is a full-fledged free picture manipulation app. The art effects are very close to Pixl-o-Matic and PicMonkey photo effects style. Probably the only thing that the service lacks are picture frames and stickers, so loved by many users. If you are a frame-fan, I recommend you to download your images and try one of these free alternatives which can add frames: Loonapix, Photo Montager, BeFunky, Pizap, Polaroid Tagger or use special frame effects.

How Good Are You at WebCam Toy App?

Pass free quiz & check your knowledge of WebCam Toy app. Do you know what's a WebCam Toy & how to use it?

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  1. umesh

    i wanted to ask if i already have my image on my pc or in smartphone how do i use webcam toy to have photo effects in it

  2. anna

    Hi Umesh,

    WebCam Toy cannot apply effects to ready images.
    WebCam Toy only permits you to shoot a pic via your web camera and add a photo effect.

    So if you want to apply photo effects to your existing photos, I recommend you to try Pixlr-o-Matic (here’s our review of it

    Pixlr-o-Matic is a free online photo editor. It has lots of wonderful photo effects. You can upload your photos and play with many photo effects.

    Thank you,

    Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

  3. Spike

    Can I use my photos that I’ve already taken on toy webcam?

    1. anna

      Hi Spike,

      You can only use photos made by this app – WebCam Toy. It’s simple as 123. Just go to WebCam Toy website, make a photo and edit it immediately with WebCam Toy photo tools.

      Thank you,

      Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

  4. Atreyu

    A lot of people would love something like this for Skype, like the X-Pro effect. Just a suggestion…

  5. Adam

    how do i get to web com toy

    1. anna

      Hi Adam,

      Click the link of the official WebCam Toy developer at the top of the review – this one


      Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

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