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When we make a website, we pay huge attention to content, design or a top-notch domain name. Often a little, but crucial, thing that slips away is a website navigation. I don’t want to say that many fresh websites have no navigation. Each site has at least one type of navigation: upper, bottom, or left site menu. I’d like to dwell upon the importance of additional or backup navigation.

Most of us take for granted left or upper navigation bars. It’s comfortable to see a usual web map when you come to a site homepage for the first time. You always know: click on the left or upper menu and you go the page you need.

Nowadays, gadget screen resolutions and browsers vary. To avoid irritating scrolling, it makes sense to build an additional content bar. So you’d better think about double navigation to ensure yourself against any risks of accidental user frustration.

Though, if you operate an online store or a marketplace you definitely value extra navigation features such as: site search box, site map, “related products/articles” links, search filters (latest, most popular, sort by price, etc) which help to surf your site easier and suggest new ideas for your customers.

Upon the whole, extra navigation improves user experience and gains visitors favor. Like a good GPS, double navigation will assist your users if they get lost on the way.

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