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Adding a watermark to your photos before sharing them with the world is a necessary step. This can help you protect your original photography from unauthorized use and, at the same time, advertize your creative work. You can accomplish this task on the go, with the aid of free iPhone watermark apps.

In our previous post, we explored online apps that add logo to photo, but now we’ll focus only on iOS apps. If you’re struggling to choose an app from the iPhone App Store, PhotoMarks and eZy Watermark Photos Lite are two excellent options to cater for your watermaking needs. Let’s compare their advantages and disadvantages, and hopefully help you choose the best watermark app for your iPhone.

PhotoMarks vs eZy Watermark: Features Comparison

PhotoMarks for iPhone

Both PhotoMarks and eZyWatermark Photos Lite for iPhone are designed with intuitive iOS interfaces. This means that, no matter if you’re an experienced user or a novice at photo editing, you’ll quickly familiarize yourself with how everything works.

PhotoMarks allows you to add a copyright or trademark text, as well as a logo to your pictures. The app offers the possibility to fully customize the seal. In that sense, you can freely change its position, size and rotation, adjust the transparency level, choose from a multitude of fonts and colors or apply special effects like stroke and shadow.

eZy iOS Lite places at your disposal multiple types of labels. In addition to a classic text and logo, you can add a hand-written signature or a QR code. The iPhone app lets you customize your mark in terms of alignment, placement, scale and rotation, select the color and font style (the free version is available only with a few fonts) or set the transparency.

Both iPhone apps let you work on multiple layers, undo and redo your actions and save your logo for later use. Both iOS apps provide support for portrait and landscape mode and enable you to export your watermarked pictures with no quality loss.

Besides watermarking, PhotoMarks gives you the opportunity to add the date and time to your images. On the other hand, with eZy Watermark you can time stamp pictures, crop and rotate them, as well as apply a black and white filter.

Speaking of versions, you can use PhotoMarks for iPhone and iPad, but the developer also offers a desktop alternative in case you want to watermark photos on Windows or Mac.

eZy Watermark is exclusively developed for mobile devices. You can find it both on Google Play and iPhone App Store. The iOS app comes with two different versions: eZy Lite and eZy Photos. The developer also offers support for iOS video watermarking through eZy Videos Lite and eZy Videos.

PhotoMarks vs eZy Watermark: Batch Mode

eZy Watermark for iPhone

Both iPhone apps support batch watermarking like in Mass Watermark, but PhotoMarks comes with a useful feature to tie your tags to zones and get a better positioning in batch mode for your text or logo.

PhotoMarks is a watermark app which puts an emphasis on improving productivity. In that sense, it offers options to label dozens of images at once, as well as the possibility to save your
signs as profiles and easily use them in future editing projects.

On the other hand, eZy iOS Lite offers the opportunity to use various elements as a badge, including a QR code. Just like PhotoMarks, you can batch sign your images, but this feature is not available in the free version.

How to Use eZy Watermark App & PhotoMarks?

Both iOS apps are super easy on iPhone. PhotoMarks has even a Tutorial and Help section which you can select from Settings in the top left corner of the main view. Adding a signiture with PhotoMarks is a truly simple process, thanks to the user-friendly design.

Here’s how to add a watermark to picture on iPhone in PhotoMarks:

  1. Once you open the iOS app, just tap anywhere on the main screen to add your pictures
  2. Choose the desired stamp by tapping on either Text or Logo from the bottom menu
  3. Tap on the chosen attribute and start customizing it by selecting from the numerous options above the bottom menu
  4. Save your pictures to your iPhone by tapping on the Save button
  5. Or you can share them with others by tapping on the icon in the top right corner of the main view

Watermarking pictures with eZy Photos Lite is also pretty straightforward.

Here’s how to watermark pics with eZy Photos Lite iOS:

  1. Open the app and select Single Image. There are three other options available in the main view: Multiple Images, Templates and Settings
  2. Once the image is uploaded, tap on the arrow located in the bottom right corner
  3. In the next view tap on the plus sign and choose the preferred sign
  4. Tap on the selected mark to make various adjustments
  5. When you’ve finished, tap on Export in the bottom right corner and select where to save your picture to iPhone

PhotoMarks vs eZy Watermark: Price

PhotoMarks is free to download on iPhone. You can upgrade to the PRO version by opting for a yearly subscription of $9.99. It’s important to mention that the developer offers all the features in the free standard version. The upgrade to PRO removes the ads and the PhotoMarks logo from the processed images.

eZy iOS Photos Lite is also free to download, but some useful features are locked. In order to make the most of it, you’ll have to resort to the various in-app purchases available. For instance, you can purchase the option to batch brand pictures for $3.99, enjoy custom fonts for $0.99 or remove ads for $0.99.

Which iOS App Is Worth to Download?

Both iOS apps are great options when it comes to watermarking pictures on iPhone. Both place at your disposal the tools you need to protect/promote your photography online. Choosing one will depend on your necessities and personal preferences. The best solution to clear your doubts is to download them and test them yourself. So go ahead, hit that download button and start watermarking.

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