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I found it to be a good idea to decorate an invitation to my Halloween party as a note with cut-out letters. First, I started looking for an online app that could do it for me. When I didn’t find anything, I decided to look for a font template and I got it!

As a hobby, I love to collect mosaics, play puzzles, send letters, so I gather useful tutorials on how to make photo mosaic free, or how to make a picture into a puzzle online, or use Postcardly service. The last one hobby, is about typing and calligraphy. To effortlessly print out a note with cut-out letters like from a newspaper or magazine, you need to go to Fontspace and download an archived file with the appropriate font. Open the archive and click the ERPRN_.TTF file.

Download cut out letters font

When the file opens, click the Install button.
Now open a new Word file and in the Font window, select the Erpressung font and characters size and start typing the text.

Select the cut out letters font

That’s what you should get as a result.

Start typing with Erpressung font

A few tips to make the font look like a real clipping

  • Mark every letter with different colors like in the picture. It’s a bit tiresome if the text is big enough but the result is worth it.

Paint the letters in different colors

  • Select bigger font sizes. I selected 22 and still guess it was not enough.
  • Make letters look a bit leveled up. It’s easy to do.
  1. Select the text (Ctrl + A);
  2. Right-click on it;
  3. In the opened window, select the Font menu;
  4. Check the Leveled box.


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