Default skin settings of most popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera leave much to be desired. Apple’s Safari can be an exception to the rules but still there has to be the way to change its look. What I aim at in this post are tips and tricks where to find colorful clothes for your browser.

Let’s start with Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla developers call their browser’s skins Personas. So, just type in the search field “firefox personas” and click on the first link. And I assure you, you’ll feel like Alice in Wonderland! Click on the Gallery Tab and be prepared to be lost. There are thousands of skins to any taste classified by categories. Before applying a persona, you can try it on and check how it looks like. If everything is ok, simply click the Wear It button and be happy.

I went a bit further. In Mozilla’s add-ons store, you can find a very useful utility called Personas Rotator. This plug-in automatically changes personas with the set up frequency. You can also choose a Personas category and Personas Rotator will randomly pick up the skins in this section. Or you can select All Categories Option and amuse your friends with a never-the-same look of your browser.

Google Chrome Themes are stored in Google Webstore. There are only two categories for the themes: Google Themes and Artists Themes. Whenever I look at Google’s themes, I always think that the main criterion that Chrome’s designers had was “Be laconic”. To be more precise, the designers were laconic, outlinear and almost monochrome. All the ingenious stuff is collected under Artist’s Themes. Warning, here you can be lost! But still the range of browser themes is not that big as Mozilla’s.

Internet Explorer. Ehm… While I was surfing the Internet for IE themes I started thinking that its users don’t actually need the themes… All I found was a third-party website offering IE skins. But it’s the treasury! 38 pages with IE themes! I was impressed.

Apple Safari doesn’t imply skin change either. Nevertheless, there are additional utilities like SafariStand and SafariMask. These programs are free. So you can test them or let us write a review of these two utilities.

And now we come to Opera. Yes, Opera also offers skins. They are … 9! I guess there can be found more themes but I haven’t seen them so far. But your choice for the active tabs pages is wider, so the browser won’t look too boring after all.

To sum up: Mozilla Firefox is the leader. You can change its skins every minute and they’ll never be the same. The loser is Safari, no skins at all. But it’s my sole opinion.  If you know some other resources with colorful personas, let us know!

P.S. While I was editing this text, I found a Firefox persona that looks very cute!


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