Google Maps for Small BusinessWhen you make money online, all you need is a highly conversional website with easy site navigation and an efficient e-commerce page. But when your website is an online add-on to real small business there is one key thing your website must have – a map that shows your location and explains how to drive to your office in this offline world.

There are several services like Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps, etc that display online maps and allow you to embed their maps into your website. Today we will talk about one of the most popular map services – Google Maps. Google Maps are frequently updated and very detailed. The Maps have satellite and traditional map viewing modes. Plus, Google Maps can be used on all mobile devices, so your customer will be able to find the way to your store on the go.

It is pretty easy to integrate a map from Google into your website (check out a step-by-step guide behind this link). In brief, just go to Google Maps, indicate your location, copy the resulted link in the box and paste the given map code onto your Contacts page. Each business owner can do it. Thus, any person who visits your website will see your location and can get head for your business site.

Add Google Maps to Website

Do you believe you don’t need a map on your site? Then here are the reasons why you can have fewer customers due to the map lack:

  • an address in unknown area is always hard to find;
  • a customer cannot find the shortest way to your company;
  • a customer can get stuck in a traffic jam driving through an unfamiliar place;
  • a customer can be late to a meeting while searching for the closest/cheapest parking lot.

In fact, the absence of a good, precise and clear map negatively affects your customer attitude while he/she is losing time, gas and desire to work with you. To avoid the bad consequence and increase the number of happy loyal customers, you’d better add Google Maps to your website.

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