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On Aplil 19, 2012 Google, the owner of Picnik, shut down Picnik, the online image editing website, and shifted several features to other services such as Google+ and Picasa. But in May 2016, Google decided to close Picasa either. Why did Picasa get discontinued? Because of Google Photos origin! Google suggested all users to upgrade to Google Photos. However, the question remains: “Is Picasa still available or are all well-known graphics editing tools lost forever?”

Launched in 2002 by Lifespan software company, Picasa has turned into a powerful digital image viewer with integrated web image galleries. It has Window, Mac and Linux desktop software versions. Since 2006 the tool helped users to store photos online providing free and paid space for photos. In 2004 Google purchased Lifespan software and integrated into own pic app eco-system which replaced Picnik.

Is Picasa Available for Windows 10?

Picasa 3 on Windows 10 PC

Yes, it’s still available for Windows 10 and Mac, if you find an offline installer of Picasa 3. Google shut down all its online features such as export to the cloud, online backup and sync. But you still can install the program as a standalone image viewer and picture manager on your Windows or Mac laptop. And you can use your favorite free software 100% free of charge.

Is Picasa Safe to Use?

As I mentioned above, the biggest problem is to download a safe offline Picasa 3 installer since Google doesn’t provide exe file anymore. For example, I downloaded the installation file from here. Make sure to check the app installer with your antivirus software and look for any suspicious bundles or toolbars upon the installation.

Can You Still Use Picasa in 2022?

How to Use Picasa in 2021 on Windows 10

Yes, you can still use Picasa on your computer. Of course, the freeware interface looks quite old-fashioned in 2022 since you’re using the application designed almost 10 years ago, but nevertheless, you can easily manage your image library. The application scans all image files on your computer and shows them to you in an easy to browse manner. Thus, you can find old and forgotten pictures or open files with exotic extensions. The tool can open RAW camera files, Adobe Photoshop image files along with ordinary JPEG and PNG photos.

Comparing to other Windows photo editors like Sagelight Image Editor or GIMP, the image editing functionality is limited since the application was created for viewing and online pics sharing. If we look at Photoscape, for example. It’s taken for granted that the img file editor edits pictures. At the same time, Photoscape allows you to view images as the Lifespan tool does. However, I do not use this software as a image viewer. Another free graphics software  helps view and edit images, it’s about FastStone Image Viewer reviewed earlier. I have never used it for image editing on purpose. But if we compare Picasa 2022 with other desktop picture manager as Picture motion browser, it seems to be in good shape and yet can handle the competition.

Watch Picasa 3 video tutotial and learn how to use it:

Picasa 3 on Windows PC is very easy to use. Here’s how it works on Windows 10:

  1. Download and run the freeware on your computer;
  2. Make the software your default image viewer if you wish;
  3. The tool will automatically display all pictures from your computer. They can be organized by people, folders, tags, dates, places.
  4. Click any picture to edit it;
  5. You can crop image, change contrast and brightness, add filters and text, remove red eyes and apply slight retouching
  6. Save your edited image or create a collage or a slideshow

The free software gives you all basic img editing features and helps you to tune up your pictures quickly.

What is the Best Alternative to Picasa?

According to Google, the best alternative is Google Photos app. Why not Microsoft Photos? Google Photos, the descendant image service run by Google, is an excellent free online graphics editor and manager. It lets you edit images, create collages and print your pictures. It is simple to work with and addionally has lots of options for advanced image enhancement. So Google asks all users to move from Picasa to Google Photos in order to use up-to-date software with modern interface, online pics management and mobile apps for Android and iOS.

But yet many of us question: is Google Photos and Picasa the same? On the one hand, they are sister apps. Both applications offer similar functionality to organize and edit pictures. On the other hand, Google Photos is more an online app. It’s all about picture sharing, cloud upload and basically, and much less depends on offline software version.

Watch how to organize old photos moving from Picasa to Google Photos in this tutorial below:

Upon the whole, the suggestion to merge Picnik, Picasa and Google Photos sounds great until it comes to quality, choice of tools and easiness in use. One thing seems to be clear: Picasa and Google Photos will never be the same again. You should either get used to Google Photos or try other online image editors like Pixlr-o-Matic, BeFunky, piZap, etc.

UpdateUPDATE: See more on the Picnik shutdown topic

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