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WordleThere are a lot of means to illustrate your blog and make it more expressive. In our previous posts we spoke about image license types and image resources such as photo stock and photo sharing websites. Besides you can draw smart pictures yourself using free photo editing programs like Paint or professional Adobe Photoshop.

Today I'd like to draw your attention to Wordle, a free online web application that creates images out of a word cloud. Wordle saves you much time and displays your creativity to the utmost. It shows a new approach to your blog post because it conveys the main idea out of chosen key words.

3 Easy Steps to Create a Wordle

1.    Go to the official website www.wordle.net
2.    Press the button Create
3.    Insert a list of necessary words, click on Go and you are done.

If you choose Randomize mode you will be gifted with a random image. However you can customize the given sample to suit your needs: modify layout, background, fonts, etc. All editing options are in the toolbar above the Wordle editor.

The richer your list of words, the more lavish and impressive your wordle looks. The words that have been introduced more times than others will appear larger on the image. To prevent a phrase from splitting, put a special sign tilde (~) between the words. If it is necessary to insert numbers you will have to uncheck “Remove numbers” in the Language tab.

Wordle is the easiest web tool I have ever tried. It is clear and comprehensive even to small children. Among other advantages of this service are multiple ways of practical usage and cross-platform orientation. You can make pictures for T-shirts, magazine covers, birthday cards, use the newly crafted wordles as slides for a PowerPoint presentation etc.

One big shortcoming of Wodle is absence of saving options. You cannot copy your wordles directly from the web. There is a round-about way to make a screenshot saving it further in JPEG or PDF formats. If you send the image to public gallery it becomes accessible to everybody. If you find other imperfections, please report to the author.

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